Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday #4-Sick with a side of leggings

Well, my in-laws left and, unfortunately, my father-in-law also left his cold behind.  Somehow, JB never got sick.  Which was a total miracle because DH and I were down for the count the rest of the week and weekend.  I spent most of the time in "sick-wear" but did manage a few more comfy outfits before and after sickness.  I finally got to wear my new leggings this week and have decided I'm in LOVE!  They did get washed between wears, just in case you're wondering.  Exception: from Monday to Tuesday.  I was planning to get outside on Monday but JB had other plans (darn those teething meltdowns) so I had them on for all of 15 minutes.  But leggings are sooo comfy and baby-friendly!  I also have a long pair but am waiting for it to cool off a bit before wearing those.


EVENT:  Weekly Target Trip
Denim Jacket:  Old Navy
Red sleeveless tunic:  Consignment
Black leggings:  Target
Flats:  Payless Shoes


EVENT:  Was planning to finally escape cabin fever, but it didn't happen...
Dress:  XXI/Consignment
Black Leggings:  Target
Black cami:  Old Navy
Black Scarf w/ white polka dots:  Kohl's (borrowed from a shirt)
Flats:  Payless Shoes


EVENT:  A walk with JB
Leggings:  Target
Black Ribbed Tank:  Old Navy
White Swimsuit cover-up (I used it as a tunic!):  Old Navy
I also wore my black reef flip-flops (I HEART them!)

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  1. Your "sick wear" is pretty awesome : ) Following you from the Pleated Poppy!

  2. Oh, leggings are the best for comfort, aren't they? As comfy as sweats, and so much cuter! I feel for you on the teething - it's no fun:(