Thursday, October 7, 2010

PB & Joy

New Text Message:  "You got a new Pottery Barn catalog!"

My darling hubby may as well have just told me that we just won a seven-day, all expense paid trip to Tahiti.

Nothing gets my excitement level up more than the first glimpse of that marvelous, glossy cover.  I actually smell the catalog before I open it.  Don't judge me...

The cover is that sneak peek of all the delectable goodies that await for me on the inside.  From the perfectly set farmhouse table in a rustic, dark walnut wood finish, to the Pottery Barn title at the top printed in that trademark Pottery Barn font, it screams of good taste and perfectly planned comfort.

As if I were preparing for a romantic, secret rendezvous, I dive into the shower then into comfy pajamas, all but throw a plate of food in front of LB to ease the neglect that is sure to follow, and prepare my corner of the sectional for the night of "getting to know one another".

Perfectly fluffed, down-filled throw pillow (from Pottery Barn).  Check.

Cream-colored knit throw (from Target, but looks very much like a particular one from Pottery Barn).  Check.

Prescription glasses (hey, I have to see EVERY detail).  Check.

Mood lighting (if DH so much as bumps into the light switch, he's sleeping in the guest room).  Check.

Ahhh.  At last.  We are alone.  (Ok, so DH is watching baseball on his respective end of the recliner, but he's not bothering me and my precious PB so he doesn't count.)

I start slowly.  After all, this is our first time together.  I don't know it, it doesn't know me.  Hey, I have manners.  I take a mental inventory of the new layouts, usually seasonal in nature, along with the pages that are a repeat from the last catalog.  Now that we are acquainted and quite fond of one another, I get to know it a little better.  I feel much less bashful this time around, staring a bit longer at those smaller details I missed the first time ("Oh my goodness.  Look at those accessories.  Is that mercury glass??")  This goes on for at least five more complete viewings, until it's time to go to bed.

Oh.  You what?  You want to stay the night?  But we just met!

Fine.  But you are sleeping on the nightstand.

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