About Our Family

Photo Credit:  Life Long Studios

My name is Joy and I have been happily married to my best friend in the world, Scott, since May of 2010.  We are living our lives day by day in sunny Florida, loving every minute of it.  We welcomed our first child and daughter (our miracle baby!), The Joyful Baby, into the world September 2011.

I am a happy, overly-optimistic girl who has a new idea every ten minutes.  My level-headed, responsible husband keeps me focused but lovingly lets my imagination fly. I love decorating, with Pottery Barn being my main source of obsession inspiration.  There's a sense of accomplishment that comes when you recreate an amazing item on a shoestring budget!  I also love to shop.  I live for a great bargain and have fun exploring my own individual style.

I'm newly a stay-at-home-mom and enjoying each and every day with my darling daughter. With the guidance (and patience!) of God, we are learning the ups and downs of marriage and creating a loving home for our family.  Add to that my random yet optimistic mindset and you have our life.  Full of Joyful Randomness.