Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcoming a fresh start in 2012!

I've never been very big on making New Year's resolutions, and if I did, it was always one I could keep.  For example, GAIN 5 pounds this year.  (Best resolution ever, I might add…)  But things have changed so much in my life this past year that I was really forced to look at things and re-evaluate a few areas.  Being pregnant for most of 2011, then welcoming a beautiful baby girl into our lives made quite an impact on me, physically and emotionally.  So here are my resolutions for 2012 (and all the years to follow, God-willing) in no particular order:

1.  Take more pride in my appearance.
I have really let myself go since JB was born.  It's hard thinking of anything besides her and unfortunately that means I have put myself way on the back burner.  I realize that when I take a few minutes for myself, I feel better about myself and in turn, I'm a happier mommy for her.  So I'm currently working on a "home schedule" that allows me a little room for a morning shower, teeth brushing and getting dressed.  I also will be putting in a bit more effort in my clothing choices.  Eventually exercise will work it's way in there too, even if it's just daily walks with JB.

2.  Stop saving things for "a special occasion".
No more staring longingly at my beautiful unused stemware and dishes, or those amazing shoes that have yet to see the pavement, or that divine dress that would be perfect for dinner at the perfect restaurant.  I'm going to use/wear these things as often as I can.  Life is not promised to us.  Every day is a special occasion.

3.  Blog more.
I love blogs.  I love the sense of online community that bloggers seem to share.  Recipes, home decor, fashion, parenting tips…  I want to join in!  I have enjoyed writing on this blog from time to time but never really dedicated enough time to make it relevant.  This year I will put more time toward sharing my experiences with others and forming bonds with more moms and women like myself.

4.  Build more Godly character qualities:
I printed off this list of character qualities from the Duggar family website a few years ago.  It lists 49 positive character qualities along with bible verses that correlate with each particular quality.  I would like to take a quality each week, spend the week studying the verses that support it and practice integrating it into my life daily.  I want to teach my daughter how to be a good person by example and I know I have lots of room for improvement before I start guiding her.  I also hope to strengthen my personal faith and relationship with God during this process.

So here's to a year that is sure to be even more joyful and more random than the one before it.  Wishing many blessings to everyone in 2012 and the many years to follow!

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