Friday, February 18, 2011

The Most Joyfully Random News EVER!

We're going to have a baby!!

This news is particularly joyful and random because almost two years ago, I was told by my Ob-Gyn at the time that it would be very difficult for me to have children without the aide of fertility treatments.  The news was saddening at the time, but my optimistic nature quickly allowed me to keep my chin up about it.  DH and I agreed that when the time was right, we would pursue only the minimum fertility treatments (most likely Clomid) and if that didn't work, we would adopt.

Fast forward about two years, we were comfortably settling into our home, and the thought of starting a family was on the back burner for both of us.

I had been seeing a new Ob-Gyn who was thought I was suspicious for a diagnosis of Endometriosis.  I knew that sometimes being on the pill could help lessen the symptoms related to that condition so I asked to try that route before doing anything more invasive.  He agreed and prescribed the birth control.

I came home and discussed all of this with DH and revisited the "starting a family" topic and we both agreed we wanted to wait a bit longer anyway, so it would be fine to be on the pill for a few years.  I carried the little script around in my purse for a few weeks, finally finding the time to fill it.  The pharmacy tech rang it up and said, "Forty-five dollars."  I sputtered, "Oh my God!  Forty-five dollars with insurance??!!  It'd be cheaper to have a kid!!"  He laughed.  I paid.

It had been several years since I was on the pill so when I got home, I reread the instructions on when to start taking them.  I needed to wait until my next period.  No problem.  That should be any day now...  Well, actually, I guess it should've been last week.  But I'm hardly regular, so I didn't think twice about it.  However, I really wanted to go ahead and start taking them (for the relief that was sure to come!) so I used the tried and true method for making Aunt Flow arrive immediately.  I decided to take a pregnancy test.

Now before you think I'm insane, here me out.  In the past, when I've found myself waiting for my period for a frighteningly long time then decide to just suck it up and take a test, when it comes out negative, my "monthly visitor" basically comes knocking down the walls the very next day.  It's like Murphy's Law to the extremes.  Trust me.

So, anyway, I had a spare test under the sink (from a previous "motivational start" method a few months earlier) so I pulled it out and put it in my tampon box (how appropriate) by the toilet for the next morning's use.  I didn't even bother telling DH--he'd think I was insane too.

On the morning of January 28, 2011 at approximately 5:00am, I staggered into the bathroom, one eye open and proceeded with my "test taking".  I put the completed test stick (capped!) on the back of the toilet bowl and sleepily worked on getting my other eye to open.  A moment later, I grabbed the test nonchalantly, preparing to see a single line, thus securing my plans to be able to start my new pills the upcoming weekend.

I looked down at the test area and saw one DARK pink line...and a faint pink line next to it.


Surely my eyes were just blurry and creating some sort of "ghost image".  I rubbed my eyes fiercely and looked again.  Two lines.

I set the test on the sink and called for DH to come into the bathroom NOW.  I'm sure he thought it was another palmetto bug incident but he groggily walked in and asked what was going on.

I pointed to the stick on the sink, as if it were an ancient code that I was trying to decipher.  He looked at it, then leaned in for a closer look, then looked at me, then looked at it again.  "What's it mean?"

"Well, it says it's pregnant," I said, as if the stick were having a baby and now we were going to have to figure out how to support it.

After about seven or eight "Oh my God"s on my part, we departed from the bathroom.  I had to explain my "Murphy's Law" theory of "cycle encouragement" to my bewildered husband (remember, he had no idea I was even taking a test), then we both just finished our morning routine in complete and utter shock.

The next couple of days were a complete daze.  I was so shocked that when I talked about it to my mom, the doctor's office (to make my first appointment), or anyone else, I almost felt as if I were lying about being pregnant.  I didn't feel any different, aside from my ravenous appetite and hourly trips to the potty. I even took three more tests, just to be sure.

But the tests were right, and I am pregnant.  The most joyfully random news of our lives!  We can't wait to see how this new addition will change our lives for the better.  We are about to be a FAMILY!

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