Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Birthday Wish List

My 32nd birthday is next month and with a baby on the way, I've quickly come to realize that my formerly enjoyed "luxury splurges" are about to come to a screeching halt. Therefore, I have decided to go all out for this year's birthday wish list.  Once our baby girl arrives, I know my shopping obsessions will be totally shifted to her (even more so than they already have).  I had quite some time trying to explain this to DH but I think he eventually "got it".  I absolutely LOVE Michael Kors so it's no surprise that his items topped my list.
So here's my "Top Three Wish List"--fingers crossed that I hopefully get at least ONE of these fabulous items!
1)  Michael Kors Watch MK5020
I haven't worn a watch in YEARS but when I saw this one, I was in love!  It's pretty enough to be a piece of everyday jewelry along with being totally functional!  It has a beautiful mother-of-pearl face and tiny crystal details.
2) Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Zip-Around Wallet
I'm still deciding between Luggage or Black for the colors (the one pictured is Luggage), but I love this because it's large enough to fit all my cards, cash and checkbook and the zip-around feature will keep everything from spilling out.  I plan to use this to toss into JB's diaper bag rather than carrying a purse everywhere so the no-spill feature is a big one.
3) Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote
I would probably need to sell a kidney to own this one, but it's too beautiful not to share with you.  It's so classic in style and looks like it can hold ANYTHING!
So there you have it.  And I'm drooling again.  And JB is now kicking with approval.  Who can deny that kind of support?
What's on your "Top Three Wish List"?

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