Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birthday Shopping Success!!

So I got one out of three of my "Birthday Wish List" items! But I am far from disappointed because I got a steal of a deal on some additional amazing finds!
My one item from my wish list I got was the Michael Kors MK5020 watch that I have been drooling over for MONTHS! I absolutely LOVE it! It wears like a piece of jewelry and compliments my too-tiny wrist without overwhelming it. The mother-of-pearl face is gorgeous and I love the little crystals!
My additional finds were purchased from this amazing little upscale consignment store I recently discovered. They only except REAL designer merchandise and everything goes through a rigorous test for authenticity. So I may not have gotten the Michael Kors tote or wallet I originally wanted, but I scored a gorgeous black slim leather hobo Coach bag for $68, a black Coach hobo demi (perfect size for a night out) for $39 and a black leather HOBO wallet for $18! They are all three in pristine condition and I LOVE them all!!
I topped my shopping spree off with a trip to Sephora where I stocked up on some new makeup: Mineral foundation by Benefits, a gorgeous sheer berry gloss by Sephora and black BAD gal waterproof mascara also by Benefit.
As if all this weren't fabulous enough, I got two free gifts too! At the consignment store, if you spent $75 or more you got a free VOLUSPA candle ($27 value). And since I am a member of Sephora Insiders I got a free birthday gift today which was a vanilla birthday cake scented all-in-one shampoo/body wash/bubble bath!
All in all, this was quite a successful shopping trip. I am thrilled and DH was surprisingly patient through the whole process! I know this is probably the last "me-focused" shopping trip I'll have for a while and it felt really nice (after I got over the initial guilt). JB is due soon and she is certainly going to be the star player around here! But that's okay, baby bargains are just as fun!

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