Saturday, August 27, 2011

Awaiting a Miracle

I sit here, just 4 weeks (and a couple days) away from my due date, thanking God for this precious miracle inside of me. I used to wonder what it would be like to carry a child, to have a little piece of me and the one I love all balled up into one sweet little baby. We never thought it would really be in the cards for us, as I mentioned here. But God has somehow seen it fit for us to experience this journey, and oh what a journey it has been! 

Our baby girl is a busy little thing, rolling around, kicking and squirming. She adores the sound of her Daddy's voice, responding with big rolls whenever she hears him. She entertains me with her games of "tag", reminding me I'm never alone. Whenever I worry about how she may be doing, or how my pregnancy is going, she gives me a painful playful nudge to the ribs, as if to say, "I'm okay Mommy! And look how strong I am!" 

I think to our future together as a family and get so excited to pass on family traditions as well as make new ones with our little family of three.  I hope for her to be independent and strong, yet loving and open-minded.  I can see her with her Daddy's intellect and my free-spirit.  It's scary at times as my due date approaches, the unknown, never feeling fully prepared, but I know that God trusted that we could handle this responsibility and I know that He will continue to guide us along the way. 

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