Monday, September 12, 2011

Living Room Progress--Almost there!

As I've mentioned, I have a love of all things Pottery Barn, so when we moved into our new house almost two years ago, I decided that I really wanted our home to have that cozy, comfy, oh-so-personal feeling that PB exudes.  Our living room is still a work in progress, but it has come a long way! Here's the process along with inspiration and ideas for the future.

I was SO inspired by these Pottery Barn Studio shelves:

So we were thrilled to find two similar shelves from JCPenney on close-out sale!  Here's my final (for now) result:

They could use a little bit more "bulking up" with some larger pieces, but I have made it a point to put a lot of the items that are special to me on these shelves so that I can always see them.

I love our leather Lazy-Boy sectional because it also has a recliner on each end. I wanted it to be comfy so there are some nice, fluffy PB pillows and throw blankets all over.  My plan is to put a tree behind the sofa in the corner and I desperately need a table lamp on my side (beside the window). I'm also on the lookout for a different form of magazine storage beneath my nesting tables.  This basket is a little too small. The nesting tables were a craigslist find for $20 for the set. DH did a WONDERFUL job sanding them down and painting them this clean, antique white.

We probably won't be putting a coffee table in the living room anytime soon with Baby Adrianne coming.  If she's anything like me (from childhood to present day) she'd be smacking into it daily if we had one.

Our TV corner is almost there.  I managed to really spruce it up during my "Extreme Nesting" phase and I'm only lacking that big white shelf inspired by this one in PB (which will certainly be a DIY project!) to complete the look.

So that's it for now.  Hopefully we'll finish this room up in no time so we can move on to even more projects in the other rooms! I think the dining room is on the chopping block next...

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